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We recently had an interview with Producer Rey Jimenez about the highly anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 2 for PlayStation 3 Network and XBOX 360 Live Arcade, discussing new features and possible future titles.

SFD: Hi Rey, thanks for taking your time to speak with us about Marvel vs Capcom 2 for PlayStation 3 Network and XBOX 360 Live Arcade. How have you been?

REY: Iím doing well. Itís been a while since Iíve done an interview with your site. Things have been hectic like always, but Iím glad MvC2 is finally announced. From simply being employed at Capcom, many people I meet would ask if MvC2 would ever be released again and I had to bite my lip and say something like ďI dunnoĒ every time, even though I mightíve been playing it just hours before. Itís finally good to have that weight off of my shoulders.

SFD: Oh I bet! Its fantastic news! Now for those just tuning in... can you go over a few of the new key features in this version of MVC2?

REY: The game is essentially the Dreamcast (sigh... I loved the Dreamcast) version of Marvel VS Capcom 2 ported for release on the PSN and on XBLA. New to the game is online play, featuring ranked matches and player matches. Like SFHD Remix, player matches feature spectator mode for those not in the current match.

Also new to the title is the widescreen mode and some very nicely tweaked graphic filters. Widescreen mode is created by simply extending the viewing area of the level to 16:9 while keeping the gameplay in a 4:3 area. This means that widescreen does not affect gameplay. For the graphic filters, weíre offering users 3 options: Classic, Smooth, and Crisp. Classic mode displays the sprites in their original pixilated form, upscaled to HD size. Smooth and Crisp modes are variants on 2X and 3X Bilinear filtering which uses a run-time algorithm to smooth out the pixelization of the original graphics. Users like options, so these are all optional features.

SFD: Of these new features, which has you the most excited?

REY: Iím personally excited about the sprite filtering thatís done on the game. A lot of work was done tweaking the filters to make them look as good as they do. Donít get me wrong, I also love pixel art, but itís great to see the game refreshed a bit for HD TVís.

SFD: It's been confirmed that all characters will be available from the start, but for the hardcore players... will all the colours be unlocked from the start as well? What about selecting a team using the same character more than once (Magneto + Magneto + Magneto)?

REY: All of the unlockable features from the DC version will be unlocked from the start of the game. This includes all the available colors, all the characters, and the ever elusive ďsame characterĒ teams.

SFD: Will Abyss be playable?

REY: Sorry he will not be playable in this version of the game. All playable characters in this game will be the same as the playable characters in the original game.

SFD: As much tweaking has been done to the game to get it as close as perfect as possible, will the look/system and interface of the game be changed in any way?

REY: All areas of the game before the character select screen have been redone to accommodate new console features (like online play). If we didnít redo the menus, the old ones would look really out of place against the much crisper looking game. The in game HUD has been modified slightly in widescreen mode, but only so that the HUD elements are closer to the edge of the screen in that mode.

SFD: Since this game moves at a much faster pace than Street Fighter IV or other fighting games, have steps been taken to prevent lag from altering the game in its online experience?

REY: The title is using the same technology behind Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which many fans have called the best console fighting game netcode ever, and weíre not ashamed to agree with them. This tech is very similar to the PC netcode GGPO, which is highly popular with fighting game fans. The network code that we use is based on a similar principle, but has been built from the ground up for use on the PSN and XBLA. While eliminating lag isnít possible, what it does is mask the lag. Without getting too technical, the code uses logic to predict what youíre going to do while youíre playing and uses that to mask the latency that naturally occurs when one person sends signals to another over the internet.

SFD: Have there been any changes in terms of glitches and move properties from the Dreamcast/Arcade version to this new update?

REY: All of the move properties have been preserved in the game and so have some of the glitches. We did make sure that we did our best to eliminate any of the destructive glitches, like the Gambit glitch, from the game. In order to do this, we brought in MikeZ and Magnetro of MvC2 combo video fame to help find and verify that the glitches were gone from the game. It was really amazing to see them at work.

SFD: In trailer videos, it seems as though the playing screen has been expanded to widescreen, but yet the sprites seen smaller to compensate. Is this the case, or is it just an illusion caused by the resolution change?

REY: Thatís just an illusion because of the wider screen. Thereís absolutely no change to the character sprite size between widescreen and 4:3 modes.

SFD: Now for what all the fans have been really dying to know... depending on the success of this digital download, would Capcom consider partnering with Marvel for an all new third game?

REY: While Iím not saying (yes I know this is frustrating to fans) that Capcom will definitely do a new Marvel game, I will say that the anticipated success of MvC2 will send a clear message to us that a new Marvel game is what the fans want. Actually, I honestly canít think of a very successful Capcom game that did not get at least one sequel.

SFD: Fans have also been asking for other DLC games such as Third Strike and Alpha 3. What are the chances of these being re-released online considering the success of HD Remix, Puzzle Fighter and your other digital titles?

REY: I think itís safe to say that itís something weíre definitely exploring the potential of more titles like this. The HD Remix games have done very well for Capcom and MvC2 is looking like itís going to do just as good, if not better. This really lets Capcom know that the fans like this sort of thing and that it would be a good idea to do more.

SFD: You read that fans? Keep poking! So who is in your personal favourite team to use, and why?

REY: Let me start of by saying that Iím by no means good at MvC2, so my team is built more or less on characters I like than whoís actually good or good together. I would say that itís Spiderman, Cable, and Strider. Spiderman because I love the way the original artists have captured Spiderman in this game. His moves and poses as just so reminiscent of the comic book Spidey. Plus he was my favorite character from Marvel Super Heroes and I guess that just carried over. Next is Cable, well, because heís such a powerhouse in this game. Heís the guy I bring in to take my opponents life down with some AVHBís. Lastly is Strider. Simply because heís my most favorite single character in the Capcom universe. Heís a futuristic ninja with a light sword, whatís not to like?

SFD: Thanks again for your time Rey. Any final words for the community?

REY: Just a simple thank you to all the fans that have made Capcom what it is today. Without them, we just wouldnít be where we are today. Originally starting off a just a fan myself, like many other folks here, Iím really amazed how much we thrive on our loyal fanbase.

A special Thank You to RyuKazama from the Capcom Forums and Chris Chou of Planet-Zero Anime Center for their participation in the interview.